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Purchasing used dissolution equipment from the online marketplace may seem like a very cost-effective way to build your instrument inventory. However, buyers should be cautioned that deals that look “too good to be true” usually are.

Many online sellers are looking to make a quick buck and care little about the quality of the instrumentation they sell. They may not even know exactly what they are selling or what will be required to get the instrument in working condition. This means the buyer is left to foot the bill for the cost of reconditioning, repair, accessories and qualification after the instrument has arrived. These costs can add up quickly, and the deal of a lifetime can soon turn into a nightmare. Even if the instrument comes with a “warranty”, rarely is anything but very basic functionality covered. While any reputable seller will allow for the return and full refund if the buyer is not happy with the equipment, this can be a time consuming, frustrating and sometimes expensive process, leaving the buyer back where they started.

At QLA we recognize the risks and uncertainty inherent in the used equipment buying process. In turn, we only sell clean, fully reconditioned, pre-validated instruments complete with all the necessary accessories. In many regions, we also offer free delivery, setup and training. Our dissolution testers are guaranteed to meet USP <711> and ASTM E2503 mechanical calibration standards–a true “turnkey” solution that online sellers just can’t offer. The QLA Lab Services group can even perform a full onsite qualification. We take care of everything so you can focus on your busy workload.

Brands We Carry

  • Agilent
  • Distek
  • Hanson
  • VanKel
  • Pharmatest
  • Erweka

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